Timothy Lee Miller/composer


Skidmore College | Saratoga Springs, NY

I will be participating as a composition fellow in the inaugural season of the Mostly Modern Festival, which is the brainchild of composer Robert Patterson. There are 30+ composers who will be presenting new and exciting works for many different ensembles.  HERE for more information.


Little Church Around the Corner | NYC | 7:30 PM

This is a performance of the renowned choral ensemble C4. They will perform works by member composers of the New York Composers Circle, including the prmiere of my Latin setting of Psalm 100 Jubilate Deo. Click HERE for more information.

May 15


Jun 4



Christ and St. Stephen's Church | New York, NY

This concert will feature the works of composer-members of the National Association of Composer/USA. Included on the program will be the second performance of my string trio Carmina solis et lunae. Performing will be Anna Elsashvili-violin, Jessica Meyer-viola and Caleb van der Swaagh-cello.

Click HERE for more information.

Apr 16


SOMETHING MORE CD RELEASED MARCH 9th!! See info below . . .

Timothy Lee Miller presents SOMETHING MORE, eight original jazz compositions that explore the unique relationships that the composer has with his family. Expanding upon something as simple as a photograph or a memory, Miller's noir-influenced jazz expands his reflections beyond words, and instead creates story through moods. The album features both contemporary compositions, as late as 2017, as well as some that Miller had written back in the 1980s. Each track was inspired by snapshots in Miller's life, a soundtrack to a particular date in time with one of Miller's family members. The bustling, sweeping opener “Sebastian's Day Off” took its tempo from a day Miller spent in the park with his son. The composition makes quick jumps from energetic bebop to smooth lounge to bouncy jazz, providing readers with the breakneck direction changes that come with entertaining a small child. Meanwhile, the more solemn “Inky and Marie” carries a ghostly feel in its opening chords, alluding to the sorrow Miller felt when his Aunt Marie's dog Inky passed away one night during a visit. Like a photo album set to sound, Miller’s compositions lets the listener into some of his most cherished memories. SOMETHING MORE shares the thought that behind every memory, there is a story, and behind every story, there is music.

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SOMETHING MORE CD RELEASED MARCH 9th!! Click on the links above to purchase . . .