Timothy Lee Miller/composer

Commission New Music

Following are some questions and answers, along with some guidelines to help you decide whether commissioning a new work is for you. If you have any questions regarding the process that are not outlined below, please do not hesitate to contact me. Commissioning a new is a colloaborative process between the commissioning party (you) and the composer (me), and it need not be a scary process. It's fun and highly rewarding to have a new work written for you.

Why commission a new work?

     •     To celebrate a historic event, a milestone anniversary, an inauguration, or a building dedication

     •     To honor a retiring conductor, mentor, community leader, or friend

     •     To have an original composition written especially for you or your ensemble/organization

     •     To make your special event unforgettable with the excitement of a world premiere

     •     To create the opportunity for your musicians to work with a living composer

     •     To create new repertoire for a particular instrument or genre

     •     To enrich the world of concert music with a new work that will always carry your name as the commissioning party

How does the commissioning process begin?

     Commissioning a new work begins with you and I discussing your ideas >> tlmillmus@gmail.com

I will need to know:

     •     the purpose or occasion

     •     your ideas concerning theme, style, or possible narrative text

     •     the performing forces (soloist, trio, chorus, full orchestra, symphonic band?)

     •     the musical abilities of the performers (professionals, students, amateurs?)

     •     the approximate duration desired

     •     the spacial/antiphonal possibilities of the space in which the work will be premiere

     •     Will you want me present at the final rehearsals to work with your musicians and/or at the premiere for audience "meet

            the composer" activities such as pre-concert talks or audience Q&A?

How much does it cost to commission a new work?

     The commissioning fee depends primarily on:

     •     the duration of the proposed work 

     •     the number of performers involved

     •     the deadline

    •     Click this link for a guideline to suggested commissioning amounts >> All About Commissions

How can a commission be funded?

     •     An ensemble or organization's budget may well have sufficient funds.

     •     Patrons may be found who would happily support a commission.

     •     Businesses may support the commission as a form of public relations and community enrichment. The business would be

            recoginzed in the printed program and its representatives appear on stage at the premiere.

     •     Consortiums may be formed with similar ensembles in other towns or states. Several ensembles agree to share the

            commission fee, and each gives a premiere in their own home town (perhaps even simultaneous premieres on the same


     •     There are a number of private foundations that will support commissions that are in alignment with the foundation's


     •     There are a number of "crowd funding" programs that may be used to help raise the funds, and many are tax deductable.

            For more information, follow this link >> Crowd Funding

How can we get started?

     •      Send an email to tlmillmus@gmail.com and let's begin discussing your ideas.

    •      Further information and resources about commissioning a new work can be found on the American Composers

             Forum website by clicking >> HERE.