Timothy Lee Miller/composer

Chase The Wind (arr. 2009)

String quintet (or string orchestra) & piano (or marimba)

Duration:  3'

Premiered July 31, 2009 by the Conductor's Institute Chamber Ensemble at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, the composer conducting

String Quartet No. 1 "Brevis et dulce" (2009)

String quartet

Duration:  c. 8'

String Quartet No. 2 "Dance Suite" (2011)

String quartet

Duration:  c. 12'

String Quartet No. 3 "l'Ode au Vermont" (2012)

String quartet

Duration:  c. 17'

First reading August 2012 by Ethan Wood, Jesse Irons, violins; Emily Rome, viola; Michael Unterman, cello, in Montpelier, Vermont

Three Miniatures for String Trio (2014)

Violin, viola, cello

Duration:  7'

Premiered September 9, 2021 by Gregor Kitzis, violin; Artie Dibble, viola; Molly Aronson, cello, at the Little Church Around the Corner, New York City

Chamber Ensemble Music

Carmina solis et lunae (2017)

Violin, viola, bass (or cello)

Duration:  7'

Premiered August 10, 2017 by Holly Mulcahy - violin, Anna Kruger - viola, Rick Barber - bass at the Wyoming Festival-New Music in the Mountains, Grand Teton National Park

Dappled light 'mid mountains gleams (2017)

String quartet

Duration:  c. 5'

Premiered December 2017 as a saxophone quartet by Sean Mix, Bennett Parsons, Morgan Smallwood and Andy Wilds at the Lilypad in Cambridge, Massachussetts

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Mirror, Mirror (2020) NEW!

Violin and cello

Duration: 7'

Commissioned in Septmeber 2020 by Dan Qiao and Carolyn Regula for the Mirror 2 Mirror recording project. To be recorded in 2022.



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QUINTETS (or more)

224 Slices of pi (2015)

String quartet

Duration:  c. 6'

Premiered June 19, 2015 by Chris Schelb, flute; Hannah Mayer, cello; Andrea Lodge, piano; Ryan Patterson, percussion, at the 2015 nief-norf Summer Festival for Contemporary Music in Knoxville, Tennessee

Recorded LIVE at Christ & St. Stephen's Church in New York City on a concert of NACUSA, performed by Anna Elashvili, violin; Jessica Meyer, viola; Caleb van der Swaagh, cello.