Timothy Lee Miller/composer

A Fool Grows Wise (2015)

A Tribute to Americana

Duration:  6'

Wind ensemble

(Item #: OP 105)

Circus Minimus: Seven Vignettes for Wind Ensemble (2002)

Duration:  16' (7 movements)

Wind ensemble

(Wind octet arrangement also available. See Chamber Music - Mixed Ensemble)

(Item #: OP 31-WE)

Ruff Stuff: A Fanfare for Wind Ensemble (2010)

Duration:  2'

Wind ensemble

(Item #: OP 51)

A Christmas Celebration (arr. 2010)

Duration:  4'

Wind ensemble

Recorded June 10, 2015 by the Moravian Philharmonia Winds & Percussion and released by PARMA Recordings on the Navona label in September 2016

(Item #: OP 53)

Wind Octet Version: I. Circus on Parade

Wind Octet Version: III. Flying Circus

Wind Ensemble Music

'Twas The Night Before Christmas (arr. 1986)

Duration:  7'

Wind ensemble

(Choral version available from Shawnee Press. Purchase at right)

(Item #: OP 12)




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